Jay Jay car after Mayor Balen drove a dozer into a 5-story building on New Road

After reaching Balen Shah New Road while demolishing one after another illegally constructed structures, rich people and other local residents were happy when they ran a dozer on the 5 storied building. The landlord said that the law had been violated, whatever happened was for the best. House owners are saying that since there are many buildings built against the law in Kathmandu and it has a bad effect on the society, the removal of such structures should be supported.

The householder said that since the young boy who is very energetic is constantly working to change the society, everyone should support him in the work that will get a good response in the future. A few days ago, after a bulldozer ran over a clothing store, which she had started with an investment of 50 million a year ago, the businessman said that she would go to the High Court crying that all her livelihood had been destroyed. The shopkeeper said that he was very hurt when the dozer, which was going to demolish the shop, was provoked by other people and broke the shop when it was approaching. She has said that it is okay to demolish all of them with the same rules, otherwise she will not tolerate it if someone demolishes someone and keeps it.

Balen Sah, who is popularly known as Dozer Mayor, has recently been called Dozer Mayor after Mayor Balen Sah started driving dozers in illegal structures including big businessmen, leaders of political parties. Now Balen has run dozers in Alf Beta, Kathmandu Mall, RB Complex etc. Balen Sah, who has been constantly in the field and in discussion since a few days ago, has been active in removing the illegally built structures. Now Balen Sah has also been locked in London Pop, which is contrary to the standards given by the government.

As Engineer Balen Shah fully knows what structure should be built and how it affects life, he has proceeded with the work accordingly. In the place made for parking in the underground from Baneshwar in Kathmandu, after the work of keeping the shop, now after the shop has been torn down for parking the place allocated for parking, the small businesses have said that they have done the right thing in other ways, even though they have been inconvenienced. Since the steps taken by Shah are good, he has suggested to continue the work of long-term construction.

After winning as an independent person, he said that since he worked according to the vision agenda, everyone should take advantage of his steps. After making the map of the building, the structure that was kept for parking, after the work of placing the shop, the metropolis demolished those structures and opened them for parking. As there is no parking space on the side of the road, it will be very difficult for the drivers and it will also be difficult for the pedestrians. In order to reduce the problems faced by the residents of Kathmandu, the work of clearing the space for parking has been started.

Apart from the map pass, they have used other places for personal purposes, and by setting up shops there, they have done the work of demolishing the structures built outside the agreement and map of the metropolis. In recent times, Balen Sah has started one work after another, some of the work has brought him into controversy, but it has benefited the people as well. Now he is increasing his intensity in other works including the garbage of Kathmandu. In order to make Kathmandu metropolis clean and beautiful, Balen Sah has been continuously working on cleaning the streets even at night.

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