Jay Krishna Basnet crying in the media

In Nepal, even in a sensitive institution like health, politics seems to be bigotry. Ordinary people do not get treatment without a hospital in the big areas of Nepal, but in urban areas, people are treated by looking at their faces.  You have to suffer even when you are in pain. You have to do anything if you have access to power or money, otherwise the people will have to suffer a lot.  The tendency to move in the setting has caused the people to suffer.

The famous hero Jay Krishna Basnet leaves his house for treatment when his daughter falls ill. He is admitted to the Civil Hospital in Baneshwor after a long struggle on the way.  He said that his father Jai Krishna, who was with him, opened the curtain and asked him why he was behaving in such a way when he did not like his behavior.  After getting sick, he goes to the hospital to heal himself.The doctor cures the patient through his speech etc. The misbehavior in the civil hospital has made even a good person sick. The person is admitted to the emergency ward after a sudden sensation. The patient should be treated immediately. The patient should be taken care of more.  It is felt that this scene in civil is not aimed at curing the sick but at making them sick. Due to negligence in sensitive areas like health, people do not get the services they get. All areas are running from the setting.  Has come

When Kuruwa tries to make a video of the abuse of a health worker, the people are suffering due to the unspeakable act of snatching a mobile phone from him.  They are fighting with the sick. Such immoral acts have made it difficult for the common man to pay for services. Weak administration and weak access to power have hurt the common man.  Huda suffers a lot and the health institution gets sick. After seeing her behavior, she becomes even sicker and has to return home.

There is nothing new about the misfortune that is happening in Nepal. The common people are suffering and the service is being done by joining hands.  They have struggled to get even a breath of fresh air from the food they eat. They get the free service only by struggling a lot. Even if the system is changed in the country, the mantra remains the same.
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