Jeri  husband says only those who suffer know

The incident between popular singer Sankar and singer Jeri, who has a strong social network, has spread all over the world.  This couple reached the district court of Kathmandu for divorce and now they have become very divided.  People are reacting by blaming Sankar.

Sankar has told that only the one who suffers the pain knows what the one who hurts the heart knows.  Jeri has also made a video and uploaded it in the song “Don’t say anything today, tomorrow is happening to others”.  In the situation where the incident of artist meeting and then breaking up is similar, Jerry and Sankar, who got a lot of talk from the live double sector, also went to the court saying that they are not compatible.
There was a special debate with the lawyer Kritinath Sarma Poudel, working in the Kathmandu District Court, on the legal issue of what kind of law is there for divorce and what is the role of the court and advocates in it.  According to Paudel, before any couple comes to the court for divorce, they are reminded to live together for the sake of the children, but if they do not agree, the process will be moved forward according to the law.
Babita Bania (Jeri), who came into the limelight from the field of Nepali folk-dohori, got married to artist folk-dohori singer Sankar Chhetri some time ago.  After 5 years of love and then marriage, Sankar and Jerry, who became the parents of a daughter, finally broke up after not being able to sustain their relationship.  For some time, they had a relationship with the sea, which led their journey on a successful path.
Jerry has also written the status Feeling empty at ktm district court on her Facebook.  Babita Bania aka Jerry and Shankar Kshetri, who are making a popular name in the Nepali folk music scene, turned their 5-year-long love relationship into marriage on 21st January 2076.  They have a 2-year-old daughter who has been in a relationship for a long time and has reached marriage.

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