Jerry and Asa interview for the first time after Jerry’s divorce

After the divorce of singer Babita Bania (Jeri) and Sankar Chhetri, who has been gaining attention in the field of Nepali folk-dhoori, Jerry and Asa Bisi, who joined in the same case, have given an interview. Jerry has said that the third person’s intrusion between the two of us has ruined the relationship and that person is hopeless. Aasa says that she knows Sankar through Jerry and that she is not close to Sankar.

She has said that she will file a case for her character assassination. Asa has said that she is an artist who has struggled in the field of Nepali songs and music, but they are not that close even though they meet sometimes. She said she was hurt when she was scolded on Tiktok. Asa Bisi, a popular singer in the Nepali folk music scene, is about to launch her song album “Darbar”.Which Surya Khadka has supported. Asa, a singer who has been struggling in the Nepali folk-dahori field, has been bringing her talent one after the other to the market.

The singer, who has been gaining popularity in the field of music, is now preparing to release a new music video in the market. Asa, who has recorded many songs including live-dahori, continues her musical journey and has made the music video of the Darbar song at Godavari in Lalitpur at midnight. Darbar Geet team Asa Bisi, Asmita, Lomas director Kumar KC has been interviewed. The music video of model Asmita, who gained fame from Dhungedhara, and Lomas, who is now very popular, has reached the crore club.

He has expressed great happiness in his heart as he continues to compete in the field of Nepali songs and music. Asa said that she stayed till 10 pm to watch Nitya. Asmita has said that they are struggling because the audience prefers acting and daily routines at a time when there are no games. Even after Sankar and Jerry’s divorce, Asa and Sankar’s photo came out on social media, he was criticized a lot. She said that she is sure that the audience will like the song that will be released on the 22nd from Surya Khadka’s YouTube channel.

She has said that she was very hurt when Sanjar and Jerry went to their house and posted bad comments on their fake IDs and insulted her as Jerry’s stepfather. Asa has said that it is her job to destroy other people’s houses. She said that even when their internal relationship deteriorated, they kept asking each other because she didn’t know anything about it. Then she felt sad when she heard about the divorce.

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