Jerry, Krishna Kadel and Nepal’s top doctors rejoiced in the rehearsal of the umbrell


Kadel is one of the leaders of Nepali society who has succeeded in winning the hearts and minds of thousands of Nepalis.  He is determined to serve the people by calculating the amount of money. He is a great personality who creates a conversation according to the situation in which the people need to talk. He is considered a great personality of the Nepali society.  , Bass cotton are treated.
In the service of the people, he is working without resting at any time. Even those who know him in Nepal consider him as the living god of God. People are fighting with life and death without any treatment. There is no one to help him.  They are forced to endure pain and suffering. Even if they have no choice but to commit suicide, everything will be fine once they find out about Kadel.  Are used to play.

Kadel has become the living god of the poor, using the money sent by Nepali citizens in the country and abroad by calculating the amount of money he sent.  He worked 24 hours a day to serve the people in distress. People who do not trust the government of Nepal have a lot of faith in social leaders.  We may think that there is no good person in Nepal considering the immediate environment of Nepal, but that is not the case at all. We have survived because of the contribution of some people.

Indreni is not just a bag of ordinary people. There are very few people who have not reached Indreni. On World Heart Day, Nepal’s top doctors arrived in Indreni and rejoiced.  They have given Kayau a basis for survival. Even when people die, they have said, “Give my property to Krishna Kadel. He uses it properly. Now it is difficult to find people who do not believe in Kadel.”  Singers who are tense about what to do after losing their future also work to uplift the people of any region. One by one the work of Kadel is beautiful. There are many citizens in Nepal who draw their future by watching Kadel’s program.

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