Jerry went on the stage for the first time to forget the saddest moment of her life

After the divorce, she got emotional and said that she went on the stage for the first time to forget the saddest moment of her life in the Gaigat program. She has said that after Jerry started playing folk-dhohri after struggling a lot in his life, nowadays people are not found to play dohori. Jeri was upset about how her life had turned out.

Jeri, who has expressed her life’s sorrows and joys through her art, has said that she is going to forget her sorrows and start a new life. Even though many people say that she is bad, she said that if she goes to the Miss World pageant, she will also win the votes of her sisters. Folk singer Babita Banian ‘Jerry’ and singer Shankar Chhetri broke up while giving an interview crying. She has said that she is going to divorce because of Sankar’s pressure because she does not want to divorce.

She said that when some misunderstandings and suspicions started to arise between them, they used to fight. Jeri said that the person she loves the most has defamed her by doing one thing outside the other. They divorced on Thursday after reaching Kathmandu district. Although singer Chhetri said that they divorced by mutual consent, Jerry said that he was not ready. He said that I tried to save our relationship before this but when it became irreconcilable, we ended the relationship. It has been agreed between them that Shankar will look after the upbringing of the child but keep it with the mother until it reaches age.

After the divorce, Babita Baniyan “Jerry” talked to the media and said that there was a difference in money matters. ‘He loved the money I earned more than me. I had to keep the money I earned in the name of his parents. We have reached this position today because of money. I became infamous by marrying you. What kind of girl was waiting for me? She used to torture me by saying that she fell in love with someone who neither matched her age, nor her appearance,” she said.

Babita Bania, who was preparing for a divorce, disappeared shortly after her husband Sankar said that he had not even met a good girl outside of Jeri, he did not even try to leave her as bad as he knew what she was like. He said that even though he loves the child very much, Jeri’s staying in the house for a long time, and going out without telling him at home, causes a rift in the relationship.


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