Jhala Nath Khanal taken to Delhi for treatment

Former Prime Minister and senior CPN-UML leader Jhala Nath Khanal is being taken to New Delhi for further treatment. He was taken to Delhi at 12.30 pm on Wednesday, according to Khanal’s secretariat. Khanal will be treated at the Apollo Hospital in Delhi.

Khanal, who was admitted to the Norvik Hospital in Kathmandu after he was diagnosed with fever and low blood hemoglobin, is scheduled to be flown to Delhi for further treatment at 12:30 pm, according to his secretariat. Along with Khanal, his wife, son and a doctor will go to Delhi.

Khanal was admitted to Norvik Hospital after suffering from fever for nine days. Khanal, who had been infected earlier, had returned home after undergoing treatment at Norvik Hospital for a long time.

The hospital has stated that his health condition is stable while he is in Norvik Hospital. He was admitted to the hospital on June 13 after he was diagnosed with fever and difficulty in breathing. Leader Khanal’s lungs were frozen and he was short of oxygen. Dr. Brajendra Srivastava, a chest specialist involved in her treatment at Norvik, said that her fever had not decreased significantly and there was an infection in her urine and blood.

He was given a pint of blood on Tuesday after his hemoglobin level dropped. Somnath Banstola, head of corporate communication at Norvik Hospital, said that the hospital had planned to donate two pints of blood, but only one pint was offered as the body did not stop.

‘Even his body looked weak, he was shaking. Doctors have found that he had pneumonia when he was suffering from colic and the problem has worsened again, ‘said Somnath Bastola, a spokesman for Norvik Hospital.

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