Jhamajhama Jhamkana – Bhagirath Chalaune & Sunita Budha Chhetri | Ft. Gita Dhungana

On the occasion of Haritalika Tij, the great festival of Hindu women, famous folk singer Bhagarath Chanane has released the music video of the song “Jhamjham Jhamkan”. The song Bhagarathi Chaane and sung by Sunita Budha Chhetri has come to the market from Bhagarath Chaane YouTube channel. The song, which has been loved by the audience in a short time, has been prepared with the story of Maya Prem.

Couples who are in love are shown to be eager to meet each other on the occasion of Tihar. In the song starring Bhagarathi Chaane and Geeta Dhungana, when Mayalu calls to meet her in the evening, she is asking what clothes she should wear. People who are in love are confused about what clothes and glasses to wear when they go to meet their lover. The lovers who could not sleep day and night are eager to meet their beloved.

On the occasion of Haritalika Tij, the great festival of Nepali women, the artists are busy in producing special songs of Tij. Combining women’s pain, happiness and joy, Maiti and Poili connect both houses and bring songs to the music market. As artists are the jewels of the nation, they entertain the audience through their art and also give a positive message to the society, which is working to make people aware and positive.

When the month of July begins, Hindu Nepali women fast and wear green bangles, so that they show their love and respect for their husbands. Women are taken as a pillar of society and a woman who lights up the house, who prays that her home, family, husband, and society will always be good.

When Haritalika Tej is approaching, the joy and enthusiasm of the women increases. Women who observe fast without eating food, water or fruits are always engaged in the work of reminding the good of their family and husband. Unmarried women are fasting to wish their husbands well, while married women are wishing for the long life of their husbands and their bright future. The artists have described the pain and happiness of their sister’s life in their special songs.

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