Jhamke Saajh, Paul Shah & Prakriti Shrestha • 2022

The song ‘Jhamke Saanjh’ sung by famous singer Sunil Giri has been made public. Prakriti Shrestha is also in the music video starring actor Pal Shah. The video of the song ‘Jhamke Saanjh’ starring actor Pal Shah has been made public.
Meanwhile, a music video of Paul acting while in custody has been made public.

Actor Paul is accompanied by beautiful actress Prakriti Shrestha in ‘Jhamke Saanjh’ sung by popular folk pop singer Sunil Giri. Tanahu is currently in police custody on charges of raping a minor. Paul, who was arrested in the second week of February, is now in police custody.

In the video, director Dipendra Timalsina has created an amusing story in an artistic style, mocking his lover for being late in ‘Bhamke Saanjh’ at Rodi’s house.

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