Jitiyo bhane lutinchha, haariyo bhane kutinchha. Narad khatiwada. Letest song

Showing the reality of current Nepali politics, Narad Khatiwada has released a new song, Narad khatiwada from youtube channel.  In Nepali politics, before the election, the leaders come to the village houses, build bridges without rivers, and do things that the people do not need. When the election is over, they forget all the commitments they have made.  The reality of Nepali society is shown through this song.

Leaders who fight elections for their position and personal interests, by giving false gossip in front of the people, look at themselves and their generation after winning the election, if they lose, they take various steps to split the people and the winning party.  Those who know a little bit about getting a ticket, are moving forward with their steps in the face of any situation.  Nowadays, there are plenty of leaders who want to put water in places where there is no water, and to put up tents after the rains.  Those who swear to serve the country in the name of the country and the people are themselves engaged in plundering the country.

Those who go to the doorsteps of the people day and night, clasp their hands and ask for votes, after winning the election, they have forgotten the joys and sorrows of the people.  Try to win us, those who want to make the country a prosperous country, are sucking the country at the same time.  Those who are unable to meet the human needs of the people, for the change of the country, are fighting for the people and are moving ahead with their steps.  Even the leaders, who say that they will take the ordinary life of the people to heaven, have forgotten the people when they reach their respective places, due to which the development of the country has never been possible.

After winning the election, the leaders wearing garlands disappear from the village, while the leaders who lost the election are sitting in the village and telling lies to the people.  The leader who wins, his mercury is old, the losing leaders in this election or win, lose, this election will be fought in the election.  Those who are contesting the elections by criticizing each other, the losers are trying to stop the development by blaming others, while the winners are trying to fill their bellies.

Showing the local level election which is going to be held on 30th of Baishakh, they have constructed the song in satirical style.  At other times when the people come to the door of the leader’s house, even if the leader does not know the people, going to the door of the people during the election, giving various false assurances, the bad propaganda of the Nepali leaders is shown in this song.  If the leaders win the election, the country will be looted. If the party loses, the party will continue to divide the people


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