Jitu Nepal’s family interview

The family of Jeetu Nepal is so entertaining. Smiling face of Jeetu mother is much older but her charm and entertaining behavior is fresh which makes her still younger. She is 85 years old and her family are very supportive, caring and loving towards her.

Jeetu Nepal is a Nepali Stand-up Comedian, Actor, Writer, and Director of Nepali entertainment industry. He is widely recognized and famous by a name Mundre from his hit tele series Jire Khursani. He started his Television career from TV show Twakka Tukka. Talking about his biography, he was born on 15th June, 1975. He was married with Muna Nepal. He has two children name Samriddhi Nepal and Sakshyam Nepal. In is in this Nepali entertainment industry since 2003 and working in this field till date. By profession he is a famous comedian, actor, writer, producer, director, TV presenter and playback singer. So, he is also known by a multi-talented person of the cone industry.

Till date he had acted on number of films i.e. more than three dozen of Nepali movies. Among them Chhakka Panja, Chakka Panja 2, Chakka Panja 3, Cha Ekan Cha was being popular in the Nepali market. He gets his name from his famous TV series Jire khursani where he had played a role of Mudre. His role was liked and appreciated by many Nepalese people at that period. From 1018, he started his own show named Mundre ko Comedy Club. While looking towards his personal life, he was born in Jyamire village.

This village is located in Sindhupalchowk district, Nepal. He studied at Jalpa Secondary School which is located Sindhupalchowk district. He had passed his SLC in 1992. He is from middle class family and is a 7th child of his parents. He has five elder brothers and one elder sister. He is younger child of his family. On 25th February, 2003 Jeetu and Muna had got married.

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