Jitu Nepal’s Romance with Samragyee RL Shah

On the occasion of actress Samrajni Rajyalakshmi Shah’s birthday, the release date of her starring film ‘Hariki Pari’ has been announced. Saha, who presented herself differently in the film industry, reached the top of the limelight when she started getting the love and affection of the audience from one project after another. Samragyi’s new movie is being prepared for the release of his talent from the film industry.

On Friday, the production team released three posters of the film and announced the screening date on January 20th. People including actor Jitu Nepal and Samragji have been featured in the public poster. The production team has said that the film has been produced with a different kind of entertainment and social awareness, so the audience will like it. In one of the posters of the film, Jeetu and Samragji are standing on a box tied with a ribbon. In another poster, Jeetu is riding a bicycle while Samragyi is miking.

In the third poster, they can be seen in a romantic mood. The poster was designed by Vijay Basyal. This film is directed by Kapil Rizal, son of doctor Bhola Rizal, and dentist Kapil Rizal is making his directorial debut with this film. The social family film produced in the comedy genre features Vijay Baral, Lakshmi Giri, Subas Gajurel, Naresh Poudel, Ranjana Bhattarai, Samiksha Poudel, Ramesh Adhikari, Dilliram Khanal along with Jeetu and Samragni. Actress Rekha Thapa is in a special role in the movie.

Produced by BR Productions, the story of the film has been prepared by director Rizal himself. Cinematography by Sudeep Baral has been edited by Arjun G. Jeetu Nepal (Mundre), who has made his own identity by engaging in Nepali comedy, is a Kalakar who presents himself in a different way in the field of Kalakarita with a different idea, vision, and art. Comedian Jitu, who has been working in various comedy genres for a long time, also entertained the audience from the comedy club of Mundre for a long time. After running the comedy club for a long time, he decided to close the show because it was difficult to get guests.

From his art to street plays, he has a big role in big personalities, always from the Nepali Kalakarita area, Jeetu, who gives a positive message to the audience, has become a favorite character of millions of viewers. Jeetu, who always makes Jarsak laugh, works with everyone as a friend, shows his talent to the audience, always hides his heartache, and makes millions of viewers laugh. Jeetu said that people should always live their lives in a simple and easy way, and even now they still have the same strength to work for them.

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