Jitu’s birthday, full of comedy, laughter and emotion, from relationship with Deepa to comedian’s laughter

On the birthday of comedian Jitu Nepal (Mudre), artists of various genres have talked about emotional and entertainment, highlighting what has happened in life. From famous comedian Deepa Shree Niraula, to his relationship with Deepak Raj Giri, Jitu has talked about the story of struggle filled with laughter and tears in the life of Nepal. Jitu Nepal has presented the struggle of the artists who are making others laugh on the screen, their struggle to win the story behind the screen.

Jitu told his mother that he was born at the time of opening the goat, rather than when he was born. Jitu Nepal said that he did not know how to give birth as he was born and raised in the village. Since Deepa has won the hearts of millions of people by doing good deeds, may she improve her habit of being restless at times while working, may she have good health benefits, she is still making progress in life. Jitu, who has always been in the habit of living a happy life, said that he will be together in the comedy genre in Gaijatra and will start a new work.

Jitu Nepal (Mundre), who has made a name for himself in the Nepali comedy genre, is an artist who is presented in a different way in the field of a different idea, vision and artistry. Comedian Jitu, who has been working in various comedy genres for a long time, also entertained the audience from Mundre’s Comedy Club for a long time. After running a comedy club for a long time, he decided to close the show because it was difficult to bring guests.

He has played a major role in everything from street dramas to big names. He has always been a favorite character of millions of viewers from the field of Nepali art. Jitu always laughs at Jitu, his friends and relatives are always working with him, showing his talent to the audience, always hiding the pain of his heart, making millions of viewers laugh. Jibon said that people have always believed that their life should be lived in a simple and comfortable way.

He said that the inspiration given by Jitu to Kiran Dai in Jiban was smiling and juicy, and he was very happy to work with her for 12-13 years. Jitu said that he was very happy to see Deepashree always smiling, and he was very happy to see her smiling in front of him. Even though he is unemployed now, Jitu has said that he is happy to have a close relationship with many artist friends. He said that he was very happy to work with millions of new and old artists and that he was going to announce his new work soon.

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