Joitingre, Naatakai ho, Lekhmani Trital,  Sita Neupane, Naria Giri

Nep-gasm Today’s Yash episode shows the quarrels within the family, the quarrels between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and the harassment of the son.  The mother gets up in the morning, the mother prays in the morning, and the son starts working.  The mother-in-law has a quarrel with her son-in-law. Even when the son starts cooking, she fights and sends him to the office hungry.  When they get married, they get stressed out, which leads to sporadic fights at home.

The mother-in-law and son-in-law quarrel, and the son-in-law quarrels with each other.  After the son goes out, the daughter-in-law tells the mother to cook the two together, then the daughter-in-law tells the mother-in-law that the two of them like to make a tick together.  Famous Nepali comedians Sina Neupane, Narita Giri, Lekhmani Trital have shown the struggles in today’s society and family.

Older people want brides like their time, but as time has changed everything has changed in man. Nowadays people spend so much time on tickets and do not give much time to their parents.  What kind of pain do people suffer?
People suffer a lot in their lives. Some actions make a joke. People’s problems are of their own kind. They can neither be told nor solved. People are tormented by many kinds of actions.  The Yash episode has shown that some things confuse people.

The Yash episode has also given social awareness to show the real problems of the people in the house nowadays. That is why people should be ready to get married knowing what kind of daughter-in-law they need in their house before they get married.  There are many kinds of pain and suffering in human life. This comedy from Nep-Gasm youtube channel has shown how to solve the problem of human beings.

The following people have played their role in it. Cust: lekhmuni trital, project head  : Rupesh Shrestha, camera / light: Avesh Bajracharya and Sachin shana, Editor: Bhuwan Lamsal / ukesh shahi, Project manager: Ashish sahi, Creative Head: Santosh kumar Devkota, executive producer: Subadh Pradhan / saru Shrestha pardhan, Director: Gyanendra Raj Mishra  / sharad Shrestha. In the present society, quarrels between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have changed the atmosphere of the house.

When a son is not married, he wants his parents at home, his son to get married, a daughter-in-law to serve him, but nowadays, when a mother gets a daughter-in-law who is different from what her father wants, quarrels are created at home.  The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. Suzuki Burgam Strait has arrived in Nepal.  The episode has been prepared. The Yash Channel has worked to inform people about many things.

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