Journalist Abuse in Bagani Double Contest. Bagina Episode18 Prakasha Subedi.

Singer Raju Lama and actress Dia are set to climb Mt. Everest again while the artists are warming up the stages of the country and abroad. The title was won by Asmita Dallakoti and Jeevan Sigdel at the competition held at Bhrikuti Mandap this year. According to the report, Kamal Sargam, a journalist from Laligurash Daily, claimed that he was abused by Deepak Khadka, the vice-president of the establishment.

In order to make the relationship between people smoother, the situation of having to be flattered has been created, people are also found to have a big difference in the field of music. The humanity within the human being is also disappearing, the way of looking at each other is different, because their conflict of ideas is different, one is causing problems to the other, even though the thoughts of the people are different, one is disrespecting the other. Does

Ap 1 television is broadcast live every Tuesday after 9 pm and can be watched on Rajatpat online tv at any time. In a short period of time, one episode after another of Subedhi, who has received immense love from the viewers, is in the news. From the past to the present in the field of film, things are being talked about in Bagina.

The Bagina program, which has been a huge success in three episodes, has touched the cultural scene. Bagina has created a new dimension by incorporating all aspects of music. People have struggled a lot in their language to advance their field. In life, people have a hand in forgiving what they get from each other, which transforms people in their language. Nowadays people are trying to make their journey successful in their own way, which is of great benefit to human beings.

The rebel show is produced by Phurba Sherpan and produced by Rachana Gautama as an assistant producer. The script is produced by Kushum Bhattarai. It can be viewed on rajatpat online tv youtube and ap1tv. Have worked. Some artists are in favor of Prakash Saput, while others do not like him. Bagina means the confluence of Baja Git and Nach, which he said will be about these three areas.

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