Journey from Everest to Gokyo Lake, Chola Circuit Part 3

Who would want to take a vacation in the lap of the world’s tallest Mount Everest? With this beauty of nature, the enchanted mind will have to return to its destination. After visiting Mt. Speaking of Khumbu area, Gokyo Lake is a place that should not be missed. This lake, known as the Milk Pond, looks like a piece of heaven. Located at such a high altitude above sea level, this lake is calm and dignified. The view from the Gokyori area is truly amazing. The journey to the highest peak, Mount Everest, is almost over.

Today’s journey will be from Gorakshe to Lobuche. Lobuche will be reached through the Everest Region Research Center. Capturing the view of Lholse, Pumuri as well as the mountains of Tibet, we reached the Pyramid Hotel. This pyramid hotel is the tallest lava in the world. Here, in particular, the amount of fresh snow is measured. After reaching Lobuche, tonight has passed here. The journey has resumed after resting the next morning. Today’s journey will reach Jongla. The journey of high altitude is almost over now. As the weather is clear, we are traveling looking around. After reaching Jongla, the day was bid farewell to watching the evening scene. Looking at the head of mother Dablam is preparing to start the journey in the morning. Today’s journey is to cross the Chola Pass and reach Gokyo.
A snowy, steep, rocky road that travels more than 5,000 feet. Since you have to pass the Chola Glacier, you have to walk with crampons on your shoes. It was very difficult to walk in the snow. It will be very difficult to cross the Himalayan region. But after passing the pass, you will feel all the happiness. It was no less than climbing a mountain to cross this pass. There was a problem of falling stones on the way down from Chola Pass. But now there is no such problem. The snow is completely frozen. There is no water anywhere.

The road to Gokyo is a bit confusing as it is a glacier. The road is really dangerous. It is said that the glacier is slowly disappearing. In the evening we reached Gokyo Lake. The lake was not frozen. The next morning we reached Gokyo Lake. There is a tradition that if you take a bath and go to the lake on an empty stomach and ask for what you want, it will be fulfilled.

It takes about an hour to take a tour of Gokyo Lake. Gokyo Lake hosts a fair on Janapurnima. Gokyari is located at an altitude of 700 m above sea level.
Namche can be reached in one day from Gokyo. Lukla is a day’s journey from Namche. At the same time, the journey of Chola circuit has also ended.

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