Juthe’s girlfriend Junkiri left Juthe and expressed her grief in front of Didi Chanda.

Sunita, who has been in a lot of discussion lately, has brought her special music video to the market. On the occasion of Haritalika Tij, the great festival of Nepali women, she took Maiti and Poili, showed them what women have experienced, and said that she brought a special song to the market. In the voice of singers Chanda Aryal and Prakash Katwal, the song Zan Baba Juka Laga Thauma has gone viral, which has been receiving good response in a short time. Sunita has said that she is known among the audience from the serial Juthe.

Junkiri, who plays the role of Juthe’s girlfriend in the comedy teleserial Juthe, says that she can’t let go of the love she has received from Juthe. Junkiri, who is a big fan of Sakkiggoni Comedy Telesringkhala, has said that she would forgive herself if she could not watch today’s episodes. At the beginning, she played the role of a touchy-feely person, Junkiri said that although it was difficult for her to play the role of a girlfriend in the beginning, later she improved her habits and said that it became easier to work.

Although it is a bit difficult for people to go to the field and work at first, artist said that being a person from the field, she can play a role quickly. Junkiri, who is in love with Juthe, tells herself that she cannot live without Juthe. She has said that it is difficult for her to love herself openly in the society because she feels a lot of love. She says that when she was initially working in a small film, Raju offered her when he was doing his serial. He has said that he likes to act in a typical way and after getting an offer from that, he joined Juthe and worked. Describing working with Raju and Balchi as fun, Junkiri says that the team is like a family.

In the Nepali comedy genre, famous faces Balchi and Raju Master are one of the famous faces. There are episodes prepared in a typical manner, including Balchi and Raju Master, which are highly liked by Nepali viewers. He said that after starting to work in juthe, besides improving his habits, he also learned a lot from juthe where he got many jobs. Since the issue of caste has been mentioned since before, in front of the elderly people, she said that even if she tried to change, she had to give up. Junkiri, who has also acted in music videos, came to Kathmandu after completing her bachelor’s degree and started acting by joining Mordiling.

She has been acting since she was a child, and she tells us that even in the beginning, getting a job requires people, and that it will not be difficult after that. They said that they have to struggle a lot to make their field in the beginning. Junkiri, who is equally interested in Nithya and Geet Gounam, said that he would spend his life in the field of Kalakarita. It has been said that while working in Juthe, some of them were moved by her words while acting, and they were made to cry. Junkiri said that he cried when the person who raped him in the serial came in front of him and tried to beat him. Sarita has said that she prefers juthe wala acting to balchi. Sarita, who said that she did not fall in love, said that love is a feeling.

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