Jyoti made love proposal to Vishwa Limbu and left her boyfriend

Joyti Magar has released a new album of songs. She has released tracks that are upbeat. The subject or the story  of this song all about Nepali women. The anguish of being separated from one’s family after marriage. She is well-liked by Nepalese teenagers. Her song is portrayed as a sorrowful story by her.


She discusses the difficulties of being a girl. society’s assessment of women’s personalities. Men have raped women of various ages, from a three-year-old infant girl to a woman in her seventies, all while dressed in frocks and sarees. I only want to leave you with a personal preference. I’m at ease in whatever I’m wearing. We have complete freedom to express ourselves and our bodies. No one has the authority to pass judgment on us, Jyoti stated.

It seems like everyone has an opinion when it comes to the way a lady dresses and As a result, a lot of people believe that women dress up in order As a woman, I can attest to the fact that women also enjoy dressing up for When it comes to judging women, people tend to look at their outside appearance, from the length of her skirt to the tightness of her trousers, the height of her heels to the color of her nail polish. The problem is that a woman can’t wear any clothing without being judged. ‘Look at that girl in the short red dress,’ people would say. What a self-promoter!

As a result of his male dominance, she broke up with Love, respect, and equality top the list of things that make a relationship survive a lifetime. It’s unfortunate that, while love and respect may be abundant in a relationship, equality between the couples may be absent at times, making one partner feel less important than the other As a couple, it’s not uncommon to see one spouse take command of all circumstances, while the other follows suit. She said she has been part of violence while begin in a relationship and broke her ear blob. She suffered a lot in relation. 

 She describe her song as male dominance is also evident in the patterns of numerous marriage. 100 times more men than women are polygamous. Marriage is frequently characterized by a trade of women said by Magar. She got many positive responses and she added she will continue singing as  her past. 


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