Jyoti Magar cried in an interview with Utsav Rasaili

Folk singer and artist Jyoti Magar is seen as a very cool woman. She is equally adept not only in singing but also in dance. She also showed great talent in a dance competition. She dances on stage while singing. That is why her demand is for such programs. However, in her personal life, she has experienced unimaginable events.

Jyoti does not agree with some of the statements made by her pointing at women. I don’t agree with the statement that a woman has a very good role to play in making a house better. Men have no responsibilities? He has a question. Tears came to her eyes when she came to Kathmandu from Dagan and started her business life.

Jyoti, who considered herself a little lucky, said that she was not discouraged because she was fearless. She said that she has been suffering from financial problems since she came to Kathmandu recently, but she has said that she is sometimes very upset by the idea of ​​keeping the job above herself.

The quota of artists has been opened in Mahendra Police Club. I will get a government job. She then went to see the man, but she was so moved by the past that she tried to close the room by taking herself to the hotel.

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