Jyoti Magar did not make Pratap Das happy in Pokhara.

Jyoti Magar is the singer who is making a splash in the field of Nepali art and Pratap Das is the young singer who has made a name for himself in the field of Nepali art.  It is a means of entertainment for people to work as charioteers in happiness and sorrow. People are fascinated with music in any situation and in the field of music.  There are plenty of Nepali artists who have made their bright future by engaging in Nepali folk music.

Lately, Jyoti Magar is hardly unrecognizable. He gives a lot of information on how to attract young people. People don’t miss the program even after walking long distances when he comes to the program.  Jyoti is a folk celebrity. Jyoti Magar was separated and familiar from Dhade Biralo. She danced in a short dress in the song Dhade Biraro.  Praise also leads to criticism.

Pratap Das is a very popular singer in the Nepali market lately. He is well known in the Nepali market. Many people are fascinated by his voice.  Lately, he seems to be the best in song music. Every song he sings is found to be liked by the audience.  To be a strong pillar.
Das and Jyoti, who went to Pokhara to shoot a song, are openly entertained when they meet at the same place for other special work. He says, “We have been entertained openly for the first time.  These living singers are an example of Nepali folk music. Every song they sing touches the pinnacle of success. There are few people who are happy to be in their field.  To be a mine of voices.

Jyoti Magar says that Pratap is a great singer. Every song she sings has found a market. She is not only a singer but also a great man. She says that she knows how to live life. She says that it is important to contribute to Nepali music.  We didn’t come to the screen in this area when his song came. Jyoti, a successful singer, says that she has given a gift like this. She says that she has not reached the place to talk about the superhero.  She says that she is a great singer.

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