Jyoti Magar’s love proposal to Buddhi Tamang in the interview.

Buddhi Tamang (Hat), a very popular artist in the field of Nepali art, and famous folk singer Jyoti Magar have released the song of the new music video “Ghanta”. Singer Jyoti Magar, who has brought many famous songs to the market and was in the limelight some time ago, has recently started doing music videos in a new way, removing her old habits.

She said that Jyoti Magar’s first aim was to embarrass Kumar boys. Buddhi Tamang, who is very popular in the Nepali music video film industry, is bringing his talents to the market in a fun way day by day. Buddhi Tamang, who is very popular in the field of Nepali artistry, has recently brought music videos to the market. The dialogues spoken by him have been widely discussed. Buddhi Tamang has said that the talk of working with Jyoti Magar has been broken by Sankar Bisi.

Even though there are some double worded songs, they are not considered bad because the audience thinks of them in the opposite sense. He said that even if the song contains a different story, if it is presented in a different way on TikTok, it will get a different place. In the situation where the old and new Kalakar of Kalakarita area are in one place, Jyoti Magar, who continues to entertain, has proposed to Buddhi Tamang. Magar said that if Tamang Dai made a mistake while working, he would laugh on the contrary, saying dialogues that he did not want to talk to the camera.

He said that without boasting about his talent and progress, he will continue to work with humor and entertainment. Famous folk singer and model Jyoti Magar had the most fun. Singer Jyoti, who has created a distinct identity in the field of Geet Sangeet, has said that single people do not like to be called dai. Buddhi has said that Jyoti makes the funniest jokes. Buddhi Tamang, who always works in harmony with everyone in life, spends his life laughing and entertaining, has drawn the future of many people.

When Jyoti first worked as a fan of Buddhi Tamang, Jyoti has said that the same is true in her current life. Jyoti said that since she is a person who does not call her brother or sister, she is never disturbed by girls, she said that she never gets tired while working with her brother. She has said that with his always cheerful and joking habit, he does not realize that time has passed.

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