Kabbadi 4 is a prospective romantic film that already had three blockbuster sequels. The film tells the narrative of two individuals, Dayahang Rai and Miruna Magar, who fall in love.

Small situations in the film are used to make the audience chuckle. When his father (Puskar Gurung) yells at our hero, Bir Kaji (Daya Hang Rai), that he “cannot even break a stick” [Nepalis idiomatically refer to people’s inability to perform anything beneficial as failing to break a stick], the hero instantly fetches a stick and breaks it. Bir Kaji’s entire portrayal is, in reality, comedic. Just watch how he responds when the heroine (Upasana Singh Thakuri) hugs him for the first time and his ‘philosophy’ about love and marriage.

Birkhe (Bijaya Baral), Bir Kaji’s lifelong companion, plays an important part in the film, and his effect is based on his ability to make others laugh. When the audience first hears his talk with Bir Kaji in the opening scene, they chuckle; he claims that the ‘lines of luck’ on his palm had gone away since he used the palm too often to produce tobacco powder. Until the end of the film, he continues to make funny observations about his life’s issues. His and Rai’s contributions to the overall performance of the film are about equal.

Dhwanse (Karma), another important character, is equally amusing throughout the film. Though the major female character, Kashi (Thakuri), lacks merrymaking aspects, her parents, Maotse Gurung and Loonibha Tuladhar, fill the need. Wilson Bikram Rai and Buddhi Tamang, both well-known comedy performers, have minor roles in the storyline.

So, if you’re not interested in the narrative, you should watch it for the acting. Daya Hang Rai, as well as newcomers Thakuri and Baral, have all performed well in the project.

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