Kajal Joshi not only sings but also dancer

Lyrics by Nabaraj Pant, music by Ashish Abiral, the song is sung by Satar Sahi and Iranian beauty Bhan. Actors like Gitmalomas, Chhatra Sahi, Kajal Joshi and others can be seen acting and performing. He said that this song, which was shot in Sri Kali Chaur, has been prepared for a long time, with hard work. The production team has said that this song will be released soon from Chhatra Sahi YouTube channel.

Chhatra Sahi and Kajal Joshi, who have reached the peak of discussion from the field of Nepali live folk singing, are now a favorite couple of many viewers. He said that Chhatra had the great support of Krishna Kadel and the Indreni program to reach this point. He said that Kajal and Satar started loving each other after getting to know each other right from the Indreni program.

Kajal said that since she was working in the media field, after her friends gradually brought her to the Indreni program, when she saw Chhatra on the stage, she was very happy to meet Sather. She said that although she used to be shocked when she first saw him, now she doesn’t feel that much. She said that now they are very much in love with each other. Kajal has told that when her elder brother does any work, he teases and does it in a way of entertainment. Being a fan of Chhatra, she connected with him on Facebook and that’s why she reached here. She said that if it was not for the umbrella, she would not have reached here.

Now they beat each other separately at the place where they are married, she said that they have moved forward by fighting, and later they will plan for the child. After becoming friends on Facebook until a year ago, Sessions said that they fell in love when they could sing three parts. She has said that after the audience started talking about each other even when they met in the comments, and everyone started liking their couple, they also started to love each other. Kajal said that she felt comfortable when she started to feel very happy to sing songs with him, when Satr fell in love with her, when she consulted her mother, she said that she would get the son-in-law of Yati.

Session said that even though she worked in other duhri before, even though she appeared in Indreni sometimes, the audience also liked her. In the first duhri, Sather said that after talking about the bull, the talk of love started. Although it would be good for any woman to have her husband like this, she said that she is very happy to have a husband as she wants. Kajal has said that she changed from sister to brother to husband, while Satr said that she liked Kajal in the first meeting. She has said that Kajal’s sense of cooperation, her behavior with other people is good.

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