KALE DAI – New Nepali Full Movie 2079/2022

‘Kale Dai’ is now available on DVD. The song has Pawanwang Lama’s music, Indra Ramjali and Govind Shrestha’s lyrics, and Suraj Thapa’s vocals. Suraj was a contestant on ‘Nepal Idol,’ and this is his first movie song. The song is about a never-ending love affair. The tension that occurs following the problem of caste in love is the central theme of the film.

The film features Shishir Bhandari, Indra Ramjali, Anu Parajuli, Surendra KC, Sharda Giri, Uttam KC, Bishnu Sapkota, Geeta Adhikari, Gobind Shrestha, and others.

On the festival of Dashain, on October 4, the film, directed by Shiva Sharma, will be released. Indra Ramjali and Kishan Aryal’s narrative is included in the picture, which also has Pawan Gautam’s cinematography, Kumar Maharjan’s action, Ramji Lamichhane’s choreography, and Tara Thapa’Kimbe’s editing.

Even in sequences where nothing happens, the spooky background tone and imagery are utilised to create a feeling of foreboding in the first half. The film is marked by ambiguity throughout. It’s virtually the polar opposite of other films, which over-explain and insult the intellect of the viewer. This ambiguity may be observed in the way the characters are written and how the story unfolds. The causes for Shaji’s wife’s dread and mental pressure, as well as Shaji’s background and the reasons for his unique temperament, are all depicted in broad strokes, leaving too much to our imagination.

Instead, the action sequences, which take up nearly the entire second half of the film, receive a lot of attention. While part of the raw action thrills us at first, the novelty quickly wears off as the two guys engage in lethal battle, which is eerily similar to a popular old computer game. The story’s underlying subject appears to be the oppressed and downtrodden fighting back against those who have pillaged their lands and treated them with great brutality. That idea, however, gets buried in what is essentially a glorification of senseless violence and, strangely, masculinity.

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