Kali Prasad Baskota- Malai Aljhauna Najir Husen and Anjana Baraili

Famous singer Kali Prasad Baskota, who has been involved in Nepali song music for a long time and has also developed many new talents, is a singer who has made a name for himself in Nepali song music. The audience is going to like it. Bascotta’s new talents, who have won the hearts of many with their galakala, are coming to the market.

Song by writer and performer Kali Prasad Baskota, music design / mix and master Rikesh Gurung. The song, which was composed to the liking of the last generation, has become very popular among the audience in a short period of time. People have their own set of goals and desires, which they have to live a life of various struggles to pursue. In this song, the situation of giving up the desire of others to fulfill one’s goal is shown.

People who are in love want to spend their days of happiness and sorrow together, while others are dreaming of going to a better country to fulfill their desires. People who are going through the days of their struggle at the present time are busy preparing abroad for a better future.

Boyfriends who think of moving forward with happiness in their own country are saddened by the fact that their girlfriends are going abroad. Girlfriends are thinking of going abroad, boyfriends are thinking of coming to seduce me, people are helping people in their happiness and sorrows, people are always thinking that it would be better if they were together, girlfriend seems to be very funny when she gets a chance to fulfill her dream. .

This song also shows that when you leave me tomorrow, all the moments spent with you will be remembered, the moments spent together, the moments spent in anger will be remembered. In this song, it is shown that human beings have to keep away their thousands of happiness in order to fulfill the various obstacles that are coming in the way of human life. While the boy likes to spend long days with his girlfriend, the song shows that the girl is happy to fulfill her dream. In this song, it is shown that after the boyfriend left his girlfriend to go abroad and told himself that he had cancer, he returned home because of his girlfriend’s love.

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