Kalpana Dahal tears when she reached Melamchi

Kalpana Dahal team is now in Melamchi to provide relief and assistance to the flood victims of Melamchi. Due to the incessant rains that have been falling across the country for the past one week, floods and landslides are not allowing people to live in the hilly and terai areas of Nepal.

About 2-3 thousand people have been affected by this water and many more houses have been displaced. Bhel is flowing from Melamchi to Bajura and from Chitwan to Ridi Kaligandaki of Gulmi.

According to the District Police Office, Sindhupalchowk, seven people have been killed in the floods. The Melamchi River overflowed, inundating settlements and flooding houses and bridges. Police said it was not clear how many people had gone missing in the floods.

According to the district police, half a dozen suspension bridges and houses have been washed away so far.

Indreni is a Television Program which has been broadcasted from ABC Television Pvt. Ltd. Nepal for 6 years. The founder of this program is Krishna prasad kandel. The programs of Indreni is also shown through its official YouTube channel Indreni.com and the prohibition is given to others to upload download and copy paste the program from their sites. Krishna, who is the founder of this program first being the program with the motto of preserving, developing, and conservation our Nepalis rites, rituals, culture and tradition.

The program really becomes successful to fulfill its aim while seeing from beginning to till date. These programs reflect the culture and tradition of our Nepalese peoples. In this program mainly the Lok Sangeet also called “Lok Dohori” program is conducted. Many artists from different part of our countries are being called in this program with the aim of fostering their innate talent of singing and dancing.

Not only that, this also provides the platform for many children, youths and old to show their talents and recognize themselves in the world. Krishna said that our Nepalese culture should not be vanished in a glance because it is our identity, it’s the Nepalese people identity. And its our duties towards the nation to conserve our identity. There is also one saying in Nepali “Nepali Hami Rahaula Kaha Nepalai Narahey”.

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