Kamal Khatri || Melina Mainali The Bina’s Show

The new song of Kalakar Kamal Khatri and Melina Mainali, who are making a difference in the Kalakarita area, “Maa Tuhin Git Hu Tuhin” was released in two markets. She has said that since the audience liked part one so much, the audience will also like part two too. Kamal has said that he is sure that the audience will like it because the audio is good and the video is liked as well.

Melina says that many people congratulated her because Kamal and Melina played the role of marriage in a song. Kamal said that the song got good views after its release, and the audience responded well. Since the two of them are a good match and they work together most of the time, the audience has seen them as a couple, they also said that it is good to get married as it will be easier for them to work together. These couples, who have been singing together since they came from the village, have been very much liked by the general audience.

Kalakars, who are the jewels and pride of the nation, are honored by many associations. When you get the year’s earnings award for Kalakar, you feel like you got it. Kamal and Melina have said that they will work together, because when two people do something, the audience likes it very much, they have started working together, they say that it is positive that people will become close after their hearts are matched, and later on, they will end up in marriage. He said that since two people work in the same field, they will be together for their own convenience.

Kamal said that when he came from the village, Kheri and Kathmandu were all new, so many things were difficult for him. He said that in the early days, he would feel uncomfortable working alone, and later on, he would make progress in his field of work. He said that people are going to work together because it will be difficult at first in any work that they need. It is said that there is no possibility to get success in any work alone and with the help of others, people will get success in any work quickly. Kamal has said that it will be difficult to deal with Kheri people alone when he goes to a new place, he said that they will be together to make it easier for Melina.

In the early days, when he came to Kathmandu from the village, Kamal said that although he was separated from Kheri Melina’s bani byhora, after coming to the city, the old habits have changed. Melina said that she likes Kamal from the very beginning because he is friendly and good looking. Kamal said that although he knew that his song was on display, he did not know about Melina’s. Lately, many people said that these two actors are in a love relationship, as they are seen together while singing songs or going to other places. Many people want to see Kamal and Melina, who have supported each other since the beginning, get married.

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