Kamal Sargam was seen for the first time with his family.

Media person Kamal Sargam, who has been showing the pain, laughter and music of the artists, said that Pauda was very happy to come to the media for the first time on the day of mother Tirtha Aaussi with her parents.  He has appeared in the media along with 6 sisters and 3 brothers and mother-father and niece-niece, nephew-niece.  Everyone in the family is happy, celebrating Mother’s Day with more fun than getting married.  Kamal Sargam said that everyone in the family was happy to be present at the same time.

The media journey, which started from the journey of radio for a long time, has reached the national television and Kamal has been running programs close to the artists.  Kamal said that he came to the media with his family after many viewers asked him to show his family.  Kamal Sargam’s eldest brother, who has been living abroad for 4 years to look after his siblings, has started a nursery business, he said.  He added that he was happy.  He said that he was happy even though he had more responsibilities as the eldest son of the family.

He said that he was very happy when his father arranged everything when there was a quarrel in the house.  “Everyone in the world suffers, and so does everyone else,” he said.  He said that although Laligurash was the head of Daily, Kamal Sargam’s brother Netra would run the newspaper first, but later the two brothers started running online media.  He said that he used to keep his parents happy even though he was in pain.

Kamal, who has been working online for eight years after leaving the magazine, has been working on YouTube for three years.  He said that when the third sister was scratched last year, everyone saw her scratched and today, on the same day, they were happy to be together in the family.  “People who are more responsible at home and less responsible, who have taken their struggles forward, are now happy to be on the road to success in their respective fields,” he said.

All the sisters and brothers have said that they are very happy to be alive now that everyone is safe from Kovid.  The youngest sister of the family said that she was very happy to have everyone together.  Kamal’s elder brother told Kamal that he is happier to be away from the office today, even though he is the poorest in the family, because of how he feels when everyone is living together.  Kamal said that he was very happy to visit the homes of many miserable people in   help them in their sufferings.  He said that even though he was living in a separate room today, he is very happy to be in the same place now.

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