Kamala Ghimire who earns up to 1 lakh a day

Kamala Ghimire’s team, who became viral by singing live with Amrit Sapkota at a young age, also got a good market when they came to 2 markets in Dhangadhi by bus.  Ghimire, who is continuously making her steps successful in the field of Nepali song and music, has told Laliguras daily that she earns up to 1 per day.

She said that now she doesn’t play Deusi Vielo because the happiness that people feel when they are young and the happiness of people when they grow up changes.  She has said that she has stopped playing Deusi for some time because the girlfriends who play Deusi with her are not in the village and her family does not allow her to play with the boy friends.
Kamala has said that she likes that song very much because she came into the limelight for picking tea.  Kamala Ghimire and Amrit Sapkota, who have created a distinct identity in the field of Nepali folk-door, after getting immense love from 1 in the bus of Dhangadhi, this year, part two of the bus of Dhangadhi has come to the market as Tihar Koseli.
Santisree Pariyar, Amrit Sapkota, Kamala Ghimire, and Supreme Malla in the music video, Gobind Bhattarai, Pooja Rizal, Kamala Ghimire, Supreme Mall, Amrit Sapkota, Rashmi Bhatt, Khem Nepali, Jyoti Silwal have acted in the music video. The Brother who went to Lahore.  When abroad, at home, brothers and sisters-in-law want gifts for themselves in a bag when they come from abroad.
If a brother and sister come home from Lalur, there is happiness in the family, then the sister and wife want a new gift.  Bring me the ring when you come.  Amrit and Kamala, who have been getting success in one project after another, have said that they will release part two soon.  Amrit said that now the actors of the old song will be seen in the second part, which has changed.

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