Kamala’s father being abused by a lot, Kamala cried loudly, saying don’t spread hate

Kamala Ghimire, who has received a lot of attention from the Nepali folk music scene, along with the discussion in the Nepali music market, there were also people who were abusing her.  She said that she stopped walking with her father yesterday as she had been abused by many people while walking.  She said that since her parents gave birth to her and brought her here, she was working for her happiness and she would never forget the contribution she made.  She said that since her father used to wash her underwear, she didn’t like it when she remembered that.

Kamala Ghimire, one of the most popular artists in the field of Nepali folklore, has shed tears remembering the sufferings of her parents in the past.  After Amrit Sapkota posted a double song with Kamala Ghimire on social media at a village event, she became the most liked.  Kamala, who didn’t even know how to speak in the past, is now developing in her capacity after going to the stage stage.  Kamala, who used to sing double words, now says that she will sing every word together.

Although there were not many double songs in the past, now one after another doubles have come in the market, said Kamala and her coming Amrit.  Kamala says that she used to sing many songs when she was in school or when she was a goat herder.  Kamala, who sings songs during the holidays, says that her first priority is to study music.  He said that he has given priority to this area as he has got a lot of love from the audience now.

She said that even though she did not have money to buy a pencil at home, her parents would be able to reach her anyway.  She said that she was happy to meet Lakmala Ghimire as she was able to travel so far because of Amrit.  He said that after Dhangadhi’s bus song went to the club of crores, Amrit and Kamala became better known.  He said that he chose the song “Tea” which gave him a lot of happiness in times of sorrow.

Although everyone knows the old artists, Kamala says that the new artists do not know anyone.  She said that even now the number of her loved ones has not decreased.  Amrit had earlier said in an interview that even though he had to speak only now, he should remain silent now.  Kamala said that after improving her speech, she started speaking now as everyone explained.  She says that after the net was used in the goat grazing area, the herdsman used to go and use the net.  Kamala says that her father teaches her work more than her mother.

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