Kantipur Nirwachan Bishesh

Under the local level election, about 55 percent voting has taken place across the country till 4 pm. The Election Commission has stated that the voting has been going on peacefully and enthusiastically across the country since Friday morning and about 55 percent voting has taken place by 4 pm.

Commission spokesperson Shaligram Sharma Poudel said that 55 percent voting had taken place by 4 pm. A total of 1,77,33,723 voters are casting their votes in 21,955 polling stations in 10,756 polling stations across the country.

Probably the most elections in Nepal’s electoral history for independent candidates. All 753 local levels of government in the country are holding elections. This election will include 79 political parties.

There are six Mahanagarpalikas. There are 11 Mahanagarpailkas in all. There are 276 municipalities in total, with 460 being village rural communities. Ward chairpersons are being chosen today in the number of 6 thousand 743. Women ward members and Dalit women ward members are elected in equal numbers. A total of 13,486 posts are up for vote.

According to the Election Commission’s preliminary figures, around 7.9 million people will vote, according to Shaligram Sharma, the commission’s spokeswoman. The election will be held at 22,000 polling sites, with around 20 million voting papers issued. Each polling station has been equipped with ballot boxes, stamp pads, swastikas, and other election-related materials.

The Federal Republic of Nepal is currently selecting skilled and trustworthy candidates on a local level. Best wishes. All of us responsible citizens are also responsible for voting. Let us exercise our democratic right to vote and paint our nails.



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