Kantipur Samachar | Kantipur News, 14 Ashadh 2079

Today’s headlines:

* Due to the maneuvering of the parties and weakening of the role of the Speaker, the pace of the Parliament has slowed down / important laws required for the implementation of federalism have not been enacted yet.

* As soon as the rainy season started, floods, landslides and mudslides started inundating Bitanda.

* It has been revealed that sugar is being smuggled from Nepalgunj, the main border point of the west.

* Japan’s 147-year-old extreme heat has made life difficult / unusual weather patterns have led to an increase in the number of dead and displaced around the world / the impact of climate change.

* It is difficult to forget the pain of having to be declared a loser without tears in the eyes of cricket coaches and players after the rain stopped the Asia Cup.

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