Karisma Manandhar mixed in Chhabi-Shilpa case!

Actress Shilpa Pokhrel is very popular on social media right now. She is discussing the issue of divorce from her husband Chhabi Ojha. Shilpa has reacted after television host Prakash Subedi made a program about her. Saying that she has a fictional story about herself, she has stopped Prakash Subedi program Rajatpat AP1 Television.

After the program was stopped from television, Prakash has started running the program through YouTube. A music video of Shilpa has been released on Friday. Her performance can be seen in the song “Jhanlai Vho Khatra”. Her pairing with Rabindra Rimal seems to be very frozen. The song sung by Anju Pant and Bikram Jung Shah has been made public by Swasta Entertainment. The music video shot in Marfa looks very good.

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