Kathmandu closed since April 29, Corona caused panic !

All the three district administration offices in the Kathmandu Valley have issued restraining orders with effect from Thursday morning. The order was issued after a joint meeting of the chief district officers of the three districts that ended on Monday evening.

It is said that this order will be implemented on April 29. As per the order of the administration, the entire assembly conference has been stopped. The operation of public and private vehicles has been banned.
Vehicles carrying essential goods, ambulances carrying sick and crippled (maximum 2 persons), vehicles used by health workers and security forces have not been barred from entering the Kathmandu Valley.

The three districts have decided to operate ambulances, drinking water, health, food, vegetables, fruits, milk and dairy products, banks, financial institutions, telecommunications, internet, quarantine, isolation, garbage management and other means of transportation.

Public and private vehicles have been banned from operating during the period. It is mentioned in the joint statement of the three districts that all sectors except transportation, private business establishments and essential services will be closed.

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