Kathmandu Metropolitan City Mayor Balendra Shah Rapper visited Yamabuddha house

Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Balendra Shah has met the parents of rapper Anil Adhikari (Yambuddha). When Balendra reached his residence in Bhaisepati, Mayor Shah met Yamabuddha’s father and mother.

He was heavily criticized on social media after the news that the Kathmandu Metropolitan City has allocated Rs 1.5 million from the budget of the coming fiscal year for the construction of the statue of Yamabuddha.

Immediately, Shah said on social media that he would make a statue of Yamabuddha with his own salary.

After the protest, Balendra met Yamabuddha’s guardian on Saturday. During the meeting, Balendra said that he would make a statue of Yamabuddha even from his own salary.Anil Adhikari, popularly known as ‘Yamabuddha’, died in London in 2073 BS while singing rap songs.

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