Kathmandu millionaire owner: On the streets for 12 years after his wife evicted him

Damodar Prasad Adhikari, he is 70 years old and his father says his home is Kumarigal Ward No. 7. He has been seen in the temple’s seropher for a long time. Damodar Prasad is the father of two sons and a daughter.

father says that he has given his daughter in marriage and has a wife with two sons at home. The father says that he was taken out of the house at the behest of his wife and even though he had two sons.

father says that he was forced to leave the house as he was not allowed to stay in the house and begged for money day and night.

He says that he used to indulge in his wife’s rule and financial transactions over the entire behavior of the house and he could not bear it and those who used to humiliate him day and night are now living on the streets even though he is the owner of millions. Watch the video below

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