Most journalists cannot even openly state their problems in the name of being accountable to their news organization. But a wave has erupted after a journalist made it public on television live that he was not paid on time.

A newscaster from the African nation of Zambia has demanded that the owner of the company be paid immediately, saying he did not receive a salary on a live television program.

He spoke briefly about his television administration after briefing on the headlines. He said that KBN Television had not paid the salaries of other journalists and employees and urged the owner to pay them as soon as possible.

Journalist and newscaster Kabinda Kalimina looks at the camera after reading the headlines, saying, “Beyond the news, ladies and gentlemen, we are also human beings.” We must be paid to live. Everyone who doesn’t get paid should be paid. ‘

The news trailer was played by stopping the television broadcast before he should be paid. Television has responded to the incident by saying that Kabinda had made a wrong move to gain publicity.

He said on his Facebook page that he has the right to be paid, adding that he was afraid to talk to all the bosses. Currently, the video of this incident is going viral.

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