Keki Adhikari and Rabindra Jha

Keki Adhikari and Rabindra Jha, Dinesh Regmi said that the actors who have made their own identity in the field of Nepali movies and music videos have appeared more silly in the movie Silly 4. As per the story, she has shown silliness in the movie and said that it will give a message to every person. In the interview, Rabindra laughed and told the things that happened to her husband with joy.

Rabindra Jha, the actor of the movie “Silly 4” which was released on June 31, talked about the movie and their lives. Sougat, who had reached before the other Kalakars, was alone. Since the Nepali comedy story is made into a movie, the audience while watching this movie, apart from entertainment, what is life? He said that how people are moving their lives forward is also shown in the movie.

A new movie “Silly 4” has been produced with the help of new actors who have been working in Nepali cinema for a long time. Many actors from Nepali cinema came to Silly 4 movie premiere and said that the movie is very good. From comedians, actors who are suitable for plot movies are participating. In the movie, which is winning the hearts of the Nepali audience, with important roles of black actors, it is possible to observe the events happening in the real society along with Maya Prem. He said that movie actress Keki Adhikari used to call her husband as Tinku and her husband as Keku.

Silly 4 movie shows how a village man gets spoiled when he comes to the city, when he lives on rent in the city, the struggle he has to face there, where people can take a new message from the movie with entertainment, the production team said. Cinematographer Bhupol Karki has said that Silly movie, showing the Nepalese environment, has also included actors of love, entertainment, and comedy genres, so the movie is suitable in every way. Silly 4 movie has been made with the new experience of black people who have been embracing the blackness field for a long time. The production team has said that it is a movie that pleases the audience.

Actor and producer, who has been very popular in the movie industry for a long time, said that since he doesn’t come to the premiere of many movies, he felt that he did a good thing by coming today. , he said that Silly 4 movie is so much fun that you don’t know time has passed. He said that the movie makers should think about how to make the movie and pull the audience to the theater. Keki has said that she is weak in not showing Nepali movies and that she is not able to give movies according to the mood of the audience.

He said that Saugat, Salon, Mamta, who are the heroes of Ghanchakkar movie, worked hard to bring the movie to the market. After the corona epidemic subsides, one after the other movies are hitting the theaters, when new movies are hitting the theaters, as foreign movies are also hitting the theaters, it seems that Nepali movies are affected to some extent. Lately, as Nepali movies and foreign movies are getting mixed up, the talk of Nepali cinema sector has started to decrease a bit, due to which a kind of despondency is being seen among Nepali cinematographers. A Nepali film has been produced with the help of Nepali comedians.

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