Keki Adhikari Marriage With Najir Husen in Film shooting

The Corona epidemic paralyzed the film industry for a long time. But in the meantime, the number of producers announcing the film has increased. Meanwhile, Keki Adhikari, who is involved in the construction of Kohalpur Express, has completed the filming of ‘Witch’s House’/‘बोक्सीको घर’.

Keki adhikari first film did not do well in critical terms. The film, directed by Sulakshan Bharti, is currently in post-production his movie. Reena Moktan’s conversation with Keki about her film production and character building: The first film you made, ‘Kohalpur Express’, was accused of plagiarism. You are making the second film ‘बोक्सीको घर’, aren’t you afraid of questioning the originality?

Sometimes a lesson is learned from our own experience that same thing donot happend again in Future, so that we need to think thousand time before doing same thing again.

Keki adhikari said that”At that time, I thought that if this drama was brought as a film, it would reach many people. . So in this lockdown, I talked to Sulakshan Bharti and moved the work of the film forward. It doesn’t seem to question the originality of the film. If this play was influenced from somewhere, then the question would have arisen at that time. So far i’m fine “Bo Xi’s house” is our story, the story of our society.

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