Keshav Sthapit says: I need 2,000 women. UML’s last election meeting in Kathmandu Metropolitan City

Speaking at the last election meeting of the UML in Kathmandu, Keshav said, “I need 2,000 women and I want a job to vote in the sun.”  He has also apologized to the people for apologizing for the injury.  He has said that he has never seen such a swindler in Nepali politics.  He was furious that his election symbol could be placed in order to win the election.  He said that he will always be like this as he has worked hard for a long time.

Speaking to many people, including Balen Sah, who is the founder of Kesab, Sah has replied that he does not use insults like a fool.  After the mayor received the mayor’s ticket, his expression became divisive, and he was accused of sexual misconduct.  He thanked the old man for cheating on him.  Kesab, who has become the candidate for the post of mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City from the CPN-UML, is now very popular.

Sthapit said that he could not talk with his eyes closed because he did not have much interest in Balen.  Many people say that his development has benefited the people, while others say that his work is bad and he is divided over the bad comments of others.  Is given.  She asserted that her confession had been obtained through torture, and that her confession had been obtained through torture.

Although Kesab said that she had started making various allegations with the opposition to discredit her during the election, Rashmila wrote that when she found out that she had got the ticket from the UML, she did not find anyone else and that the UML had given the ticket to the sex offender.  She said that they came out while making news.  Prajaprati also said that she did not say this to discredit Kesab Sthapit, what happened – she told the truth, that she was ready to sit down with him and have a face-to-face conversation.  She said that she was chaotic.

As local elections approach, leaders are found to be engaging in door-to-door programs and public meetings.  Although some leaders are good, looking at the activities of some of them, they are being chased directly by the people in many places.  Kesab Sthapit, who has become the mayoral candidate from UML in Kathmandu Metropolitan City, has become very divided due to his immoral actions and his statements made yesterday.  Were worn.

Established candidates, who have been facing various allegations since yesterday, had been at loggerheads since the day they registered their candidacies.  Despite various allegations against him, his words have not changed.  Two women accused him of trying to seduce her.  When he asked how safe the women working in your office were, if people had to walk away from you, when you questioned your eligibility for mayor, there was a rift between them.  In recent times, the attitude of the people towards the Nepali Raj has changed, and the feeling of becoming a leader even if the children have started doing bad deeds is beginning to develop

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