KFC’s looting business earns Rs 6 lakh monthly by adding service charge to self-service

In Nepal, eating KFC is considered as hifi food. Everyone is looking at KFC’s food as high quality food. But what about the quality of KFC food produced in Nepal? Customers are being deceived by adding service charge in the name of self-service. Bring packing food to KFC and pay the service fee. After all, why is there a service charge for packing food that you have brought to KFC? Yes, this is what is happening for KFC eating customers.

You have to pay 10 percent service fee for food using home table and spoon pellet. In Kathmandu, KFC Restaurant, which is providing takeaway service for taking orders online and delivering food from house to house, is confidently collecting 10 percent of the amount from customers. A complaint has been lodged at the District Administration Office, Kathmandu, alleging that KFC Restaurant, run by Devyani International, has taken service charge facility at Takeway.

Two consumers named Vishnu Giri and Rajesh Bharti have lodged a complaint alleging fraud. The complaint was registered on April 25. But the victim has not yet received justice. Even after receiving the complaint, no investigation has been reported against KFC.

KFC has 9 outlets in Kathmandu. The daily billing from all of them accumulates around two lakh rupees for the service fee. According to this, Rs 6 million is deposited in a month. Doesn’t the government have to do research while raising the service fee up to Rs 6 million monthly?

According to the complaint, Rajesh Bharti and Vishnu Giri, victims of KFC, were similarly harassed and pushed out instead of confirming it. Isn’t it the responsibility of the government to take action against KFC which is cheating customers daily?

Questions have also been raised about the quality of KFC, which has made a name for itself by selling chicken meat. KFC had attracted the attention of the people by promising to import chicken meat from Brazil without compromising on quality. But later KFC started buying Nepali chickens but the price did not change much. Some customers of KFC’s food have said that KFC sells rotten chicken meat.

Rajesh and Vishnu asked for food from KFC outlet and ate. In this process, none of the KFC waiters served them. They all brought their own food. But when I went to pay the bill after eating, the service fee was also deducted. When asked why the service fee was deducted, they were pushed out and told to do what they can.

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