King Mahendra, staying in the kingdom for a short time, a brief introduction of King Mahendra who performed many miracles

King Mahendra, born on June 11, 1920 from the womb of King Tribhuvan’s eldest queen Kanti Rajya Laxmi Sah, became King of Nepal on March 14, 1955 after the death of Tribhuvan. He died on January 31, 1972. Mahendra married Idra Rajyalakshmi Sah in the year 2040. Before that he had a relationship with a maid Gita, from whom a son was born. Of Mahendra’s 6 children, not all of them were born by Indra.

After Indra’s death in 1950, she married Ratna two years later. She was 2 years younger than Indra. This incident is also considered mysterious. After the advent of democracy in Nepal with the help of India in 2007, Indian intervention was carried out by the leaders of Nepal. When Mahendra became king, he kept India away, pursuing a different foreign policy than India had hoped. There are works of land reform, making untouchability punishable, five year plan, Supreme Court, Nepal Rastra Bank, shared bus, establishment of Tribhuvan University. Dividing Nepal into 14 zones and 75 districts, he also launched the Village Fark Campaign. He was instrumental in making the country prosperous by setting up factories.

In Nepali politics, the tendency to call the bad deeds that come to you as good, and the good deeds that come to you as bad, is still prevalent in the society. Although King Mahendra has been protesting from the beginning with the South Badi tendency, at a time when the country is on the verge of extinction, he can be called a nationalist because of his policy of protecting the independent country and strengthening the sovereignty, not allowing the country to be greedy. He said that even though he had always protested against the bad things he had done while in power, he should not forget the good things he had done for the people.

Despite protesting against the wrongdoing in the society, he has said that he is in favor of it as he has worked to save Nepal in many ways. Although many leaders in our country are in the habit of working for their own interests and forgetting the people, King Mahendra has done a lot of good things for the people, so he can be called a nationalist, he said. After a brief battle over the border between India and China, King Mahendra said that the steps taken by him were in Nepal’s interest. While some lands of Nepal have not been mapped by India and Nepal, Nepal has shown on its maps that the people of the two countries are excited, but when the roads are closed, Nepali citizens have come to the agitation consciously.

He has actively taken initiative to revive the land of Nepal, but said that the land was not given to India during the reign of the king. He said that King Mahendra’s move to postpone the Constituent Assembly elections, removal of temporary posts on Nepali soil in India and making Nepal a member of UNO was great and he could be considered as a nationalist king. The work of paving the way for hot water, the initiatives taken to alleviate Nepal’s poverty, the steps taken to uplift Nepal’s economy are important.

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