King Pratap Malla love affair

King Pratap Malla, who was a learned king with different qualities from other kings, had added the title of Kabindra in front of his name, because these kings used to keep Dhokal in 15 languages. Pratap Malla was famous and his fame had reached the Pokal Durbar of India. As he was a lustful king, he used to order special meat from China and drink wine made from Yarsa Gumba to increase his sexual power. Pratap Malla declared his father insane and seized power in Kantipur state.

Pratap Malla had arranged 300 concubines to quench his sexual thirst. Except on Tuesdays, he would have intercourse with different young women on other days. He used to have sex with different girls every day. One day when he was returning home from hunting in the forest, after some time of rest, his sexual desire increased sharply. When he aroused his sexual desire, he entered the room of a young woman, when the king hugged her, then she requested him to go with others as she was menstruating.

Feeling that the young woman had disobeyed him, the sexually active Pratap Malla, feeling humiliated, immediately called in his inner army and ordered the young woman to be taken to the lower road and cut off. The young woman did not even hear the screams of the young woman when she tried to save herself. Drowning in anger and sexual thirst, King Pratap Malla was seen to be even more frightened. He immediately ordered his troops to search for the girl who was not menstruating.

When Pratap Malla’s wife, Rupamati, found out that he was quenching his thirst with others, he did not even look at her when he requested her to quench his thirst. While the army was searching for the girl, they saw a 12-year-old Newar girl worshiping at a nearby temple. When the king saw the girl, he was happy to find the girl he was looking for, while the girl was begging for help so that she would not be abused. She did not stop having sex even after the fat king killed her. When his guru found out about this, he was terrified, which made the sun shine on Pratap Malla’s ghat.

In order to get rid of his sin, Pratap Malla had returned home after making a home in Pasupati. He had freed all the concubines in the house. No matter how hard he tried, the fear in his heart did not go away. After a while, a ghostly spirit began to enter his palace. These spirits would come to the king’s palace every night to dance and sing. After having intercourse all night, disappearing in the morning, due to those ghost spirits, the king’s body was getting weaker and weaker, and his love for the court was decreasing. When his teacher found out about this, he assigned his caretaker. He then told Pratap Malla about it and asked him to get rid of it. Guru Lambakarna worshiped and tied a rope around his body by Tantric method. Later, the same thread was discarded and a bone was found near Areghat. After that, the idol was duly buried and a statue of an elephant was made on top of it.

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