Kiran Gajmer and Melina talk about controversy Rajesh Payal

A new coach has been elected as the coach of television reality show The Voice of Nepal. Singer Rajesh Payal Rai has taken charge in Voice of Nepal. After the coach and senior singer Deep Shrestha became unwell, Rai took charge from episode 22.

According to Voice of Nepal, singer Deep, who is recovering at home due to coronavirus infection, had to rest for some time and Rai was taken as the coach.

Giving best wishes for the new coach, the singer Shrestha also said that he was happy to hand over the charge to his dear brother Rajeshpayal Rai. Rai, who is also the coach, also wished Shrestha a speedy recovery.

Voice of Nepal’s battle round ended and entered the knockout round. According to which the knockout round was to be broadcast. However, due to the second wave of the epidemic, there has been a period of stagnation for some time and some of the people involved in the production of the program have been infected.

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