kiran gajmer As soon as he came to Nepal, he cried from the airport and expressed his pain

After winning The Voice of Nepal Session 3, Kiran Gajmer returned to his homeland. Man has learned a lot from his homeland and there are many memories of his past. After coming to Nepal from Bhutan, he had struggled in Nepal for a long time.

Gajmer said that he was born in Nepal and loves Nepali music very much. Although he has a lot of love and harmony towards Nepal, even though he could not come to Nepal in the spirit of law, he remembers Nepal and Nepalis very much. Kiran said that she went to the US twice from Nepal crying even when she had to return from Nepal. Kiran said that she was embarrassed by the person who arranged the visa for the first time and the person who was bound by the law when she started going to the United States for the second time.

Gajmer, who is very interested in music, had entered Nepal to do something in Nepali land. After winning the title of The Voice of Nepal, he returned to the United States with some programs in Nepal. After settling in the US for some time, Kiran has come to Nepal. Some people love their homeland more than heaven.

He said that after winning the title of Voice of Nepal, when he started doing programs abroad, he got a lot of encouragement and love in his mind. He said that the love that the audience gets from Nepal before going to Nepal after winning the title cannot be described in any word. When a person does anything in his life, the love and respect he gets from it is very different, which motivates him to work in the past.

“Even though I am older, my parents are very worried about me. I have the support of all Nepali relatives. I have come to Nepal believing that nothing will happen,” he said. “Even though I was born in Nepal, there is no one above the law, I have to return early because of visa, even if I feel sad not being able to come and stay in Nepal whenever I want,” said Kiran.

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