Kiran Gajmer is the favorite contestant in season 3 of Voice of Nepal. Her voice is being liked by many from home and abroad. How did Kiran, who has crossed the vital round in season 3 of Voice of Nepal, decide to travel to Voice of Nepal? What was his previous life like? Today we are going to talk to Kiran Jagmer.

Kiran has come to Nepal from the United States to participate in Voice of Nepal, which has succeeded in creating its own image in the Nepali music field. He has been living in the United States for the past 12 years and has a special attachment to Nepali music. Kiran, who made Nepali music his career even during his stay in the United States, came to the United States as a Bhutanese refugee. He spent his childhood in a refugee camp in Jhapa. Kiran also arrived in the United States with her family after the United States made the refugees its citizens.

Kiran, who has been fond of singing since childhood, even sang children’s songs. Apart from this, he had presented his singing talent on the school stage many times. Kiran says that her family has been supporting her since childhood due to her passion for singing. Kiran’s interest in Nepali music has become a matter of pride for her family, who are passionate about Nepal and Nepali identity.

Kiran’s family came to Nepal from Bhutan. After the war of identity started in Bhutan, his grandfathers left Bhutan and returned to Nepal as they could not give up their Nepali identity. Kiran’s parents got married in Nepal. Her family has been living in refugee camps in the United States for the past 12 years. Kiran now considers the deprivation and pain she had to endure in her childhood as a memorable moment. He says he would not be in this place today if he had not had to face those shortcomings since childhood. Kiran, who has been suffering since childhood, could not forget her originality even after arriving in the United States.

Voice of Nepal became a golden opportunity for Kiran to return to Nepal after participating in a Nepali musical program in the United States. He is very happy to be associated with Nepali music and Nepali. Her first performance in Season 3 of Voice of Nepal has left a lasting impression on judges and supporters. There are many who like her because of her own style. While entering the voice, many people from home and abroad have found an excellent singer. Kiran understands that achieving first place in voice is not the only achievement.

He says that the support is great with the love of the audience. The cordiality and love shown by Nepalis during his stay in Nepal has given him more energy. He says that many fans and supporters have praised him for his presentation. He said that he will always be grateful to all those who have supported him to get here.

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