Kiran gets angry and romantically says that Nagma is the most lovely person.

After coming to Nepal from the US, Kiran’s first song was released, in which the actress Nagma, who acted in it, said that she was very happy as she got good inspiration from the audience. Kiran has made a good music video of a good song, and since this song is trying to show the real events happening in the society, I have requested you to give your feedback by watching the video once. When Kiran is angry, Nagma rocks Kiran in a romantic way.

After winning the title of The Voice of Nepal, he used to come to Nepal and record songs when he came. Recently, when he came to Nepal, he started recording his first song. Kiran, who is thinking of making his own identity by engaging in Nepali song music, is now making progress day by day in his field. Kiran said that it would be difficult to see that his girlfriend was in love with him in Jiban.

Amber Tumba Limbu’s lyrics to the music video of the song, from one boyfriend to another, while the old boyfriend is seen, the coming feeling is shown in the music video, love is separated in the human tongue, sometimes it also plays a negative role. Is played, which causes a variety of reactions in the human tongue. The song, starring Kiran, Nagma Shrestha and Suraj Tamang in a pivotal role, shows the declining problems in the lives of most people in the current environment.

“Because of Nagma’s love affair with Kiran in the past, it was as if she was able to live with him,” she said. There is a time to be proud of your love. The unrequited love of many people in the society and later enjoying the same love with others, the situation of meeting the first lover is shown in the music video.

Nagma, who has known Suraj for a long time, thinks that she will still have the opportunity to work with him, while Kiran is a big fan of The Voice and wishes her a bright future. Kiran has said that she has won the love of many viewers as she continues to give entertaining social message to the audience by translating various things in the society into art. Since working for the first time with a lot of responsibility, all the team’s hard work has been good and Suraj has requested to give feedback by watching the song.

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