Kishor Khatiwada said that those who hypnotizing Lakshmi will be exposed

After Laxmi Gadal came in the media saying I made a mistake, the protagonist Kishar Khatiwada has come in the media. Laxmi, who came to the media saying that the Kishar had betrayed her, has changed her language time to time. She said that he had spread propaganda against Kishor at the instigation of others. After Laxmi revealed the reality, Kishor has also come to the media. Laxmi has said that she was provoked by some human rights activists by demanding Rs 1 million (10 lakhs) from her.

He said that some members of the Kishar family were also involved in the incident. A video about Kishor and Laxmi has been going public on social media for the past few days. Laxmi got scared after the video went viral. She said that she did not think that this case would take such a big shape. Laxmi has claimed that she is pregnant. Laxmi also says that she has been pregnant twice.

Kishar said that he was very saddened after being accused of not doing so. He said that he loved Laxmi very much and he was very sad when he made such an accusation. He also admitted that they have been together for three years. We have lived together for 3 years,, he said, he felt very bad when he made such unnecessary accusations. Laxmi had also accused the Kishar of not marrying her due to caste. Now Laxmi has revealed that even that is a lie.

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