Kohalpur express. Nepali full movie 2022

The Nepali story film Kohalpur Express has tried to show the reality of Nepali society. The movie has managed to stay in the minds of many viewers in a short time. In the movie Kohalpur, many people will find themselves, in which there are still such people in the society, it is shown what kind of people in the society should move forward with their lives.

Circumstances in society force people to do whatever they want, people are ready to do other things from kidnapping children, but they are not mature in themselves. By slapping the grown-up man sitting next to her, Priyanka makes her ears deaf and forces her to do things like parcels. Priyanka’s father came to the shop and saw a boy wearing black and blue pants. They kidnap people, get into the habit of extorting money, and eventually fall into the trap of the police.

Keki Adhikari, who is preparing to go abroad with the dream of going to Australia with her friends, said that she is very sad that her visa has not been applied. She said that after she started struggling in her life, she started enjoying Nepali music videos and movies. Keki, who has gained a lot of attention in the country and abroad, is now making hits one after another, which has made her journey a success day by day. Sometimes in life, a person is taken to a person’s life in a different situation than he thought.

Priyanka Karki was once considered as a hot artist who has made a name for herself in the Nepali film industry. Whether it is getting her baby or working in the film industry, Priyanka has become very popular due to her activities. He has always been a hilarious artist in the film industry. Richa, who has made a name for himself in the Nepali music and film industry, seems to have played a very good role in this film.

Nepali film Kohalpur Express has been made by including new and old comedians. Popular comedian Buddhi Tamang will be seen in a special role in the film, he is known as Hat. Wisdom born in a normal home, struggling with various joys and sorrows in Kathmandu, became an artist by circumstances. The comedy teleseries had brought him to the top of the discussion. Time and circumstances take a person from where to where.

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