Koko became successful in Dance Champion Episode 2

Osr reality so dance competition has started in Nepal. It will be of great benefit to the people involved in the field of artistry.  Artists who have not been able to bring out their talents by struggling in life have got a very good field. In life, people have continued their journey by struggling in various ways.  Lately, dancing in the program of happiness has become a business venture.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however, after Mundre’s comedy club was shut down.  Many people have participated in the program which is a great platform for the artists who are always interested. It is also an opportunity for the artists who have not been able to show their talent in the profession since a young age.  They have shown that they can cope.

There are many participants in the program. The best 30 will be promoted based on the talents of the participants. The participants will be known to thousands of people by choosing from them and fighting against each other till the end.  There is a difference between winning and losing when a person goes to the playground.  Yes.

The best three competitors in the two-day champion competition are promoted. Most of the people are selected based on their small mistakes based on their talents. Similarly, people are left behind by making small mistakes while choosing from many participants.  They have failed. For them, it is an opportunity to learn more. From the contestants, Roka, Kisor Hamal, Shiva-Khusbu have been selected from the second episode. Among the many participants, they have been promoted by the judging team.

There are a lot of people who are trying to make a living by doing business. In our society, people used to look down on people who danced with a bad eye, but now some people are changing their mindset.  Now that people have started dancing professionally, their interest in dance has increased.

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